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We The People Called Quinnipiac


ACQTC and the QTC Press are proud to offer a scholarly, yet easy to read, history of the Quinnipiac people from the age of glaciers and mammoths to today. Written by our Grand Sachem Iron Thunderhorse, this work documents the truth and sets the record straight about the Quinnipiac. In addition to over 80 pages of text, this ebook includes more than 60 pages of maps, diagrams, illustrations, and photographs.

Information about the history, lore, and language of the Quinnipiac Nation (known as the ‘Quiripey’), the dominant nation in the 1500s of Quinnehtukqut, has been sporadic and written by outsiders unfamiliar with the Algonquian language and culture. All these works, written a century or more ago, are plagued with errors, misconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes, leaving the modern reader with little source for finding answers about the Quinnipiac.

Iron Thunderhorse has written hundreds of articles and newspaper columns over the past twenty-two years, including a 100 column series on Quinnipiac language, lore, and history for The Branford Review. Iron was recently nominated by several New England scholars for the American Medal of Honor for his unparalleled lifelong work and research. Still, his style is readable and has a multidisciplinary presentation that is rarely equaled.

The ebook is published in PDF format on CD-ROM, and comes in a space-saving thin jewel case. The cost of the CD is $30 (shipping and handling included).

Information about ordering We the People Called Quinnipiac, or any item from our Trading Post, is provided below.

Visit the We the People Called Quinnipiac page for excerpts from the book.

Following the Footprints of a Stone Giant
The Life and Times of Iron Thunderhorse

Book cover

QTC Press and ACQTC are proud to announce the publication of the official biography of Iron Thunderhorse, Grand Sachem of the Thunder Clan of ACQTC. This soft bound book, entitled Following the Footprints of a Stone Giant: The Life and Times of Iron Thunderhorse, is published by Infinity Press. The book is 189 pages profusely illustrated with reprints and excerpts from the art and writings of Iron Thunderhorse.

This is the official-authorized BIOGRAPHY written by his beloved wife, Little Owl (Ruth Mahweeyeuh Thunderhorse).

Available as an 8½" x 11" trade paperback, this in-depth biography can only be purchased directly from the publisher at Buy Books on the Web (ISBN 0-7414-3977-8). Volume discounts are available.

For more information and testimonials about the book and Iron Thunderhorse, please visit the Following the Footprints of a Stone Giant page.

Wampano-Quiripi Language Guide

Language Guide coverThe Complete Language Guide for Learning, Speaking and Writing the PEA-A Wampano-Quiripi R-Dialect (Expanded & Revised 2006 Edition, 300 pages, QTC Press Emedia ACLI Series) is now available on CD. It comes with a 15 page User's Guide for easy reference.

The cost of the CD is $38.50 (includes shipping and handling within the US). Information about ordering the Language Guide, or any item from the Trading Post, is provided below.

Dawnland Traditions
Coming soon, pre-order now!

Dawnland Traditions coverDawnland Traditions is a masterful collection of Traditions compiled, written, and illustrated by Iron Thunderhorse and his wife Ruth Mahweeyeuh Thunderhorse. Copyright 2010, this QTC Press Mequantout Series e-book preserves for the next seven generations to come the traditions of the Algonquian DAWNLAND in general, and the Quinnipiac LONG WATER LAND in particular.

Never before has there been such a vast and comprehensive handbook of Indigenous Traditions covering every aspect of Algonquian culture and tradition. Most prior collections have been done by outsiders of the NEWCOMER Nation. This collection is all done by Iron and Little Owl. In fact, a majority of the key graphic illustrations are also done by the hands, minds and hearts of Iron and Little Owl.

Along with We The People Called Quinnipiac (The History of our Nation) and The Complete Language Guide (of the Wampano Quiripi RDialect) this new handbook is the third publication of the ACQTC-QTC PRESS Trilogy of Literary Works that preserves the history, language, lore and religion of the Long Water Land People who have inhabited the Dawnland for 12,000 years.

ACQTC and QTC PRESS anticipates the release and sales of this work on CD in the Spring of 2010; pre-order now to be one of the first to receive this excellent resource.

The cost of the CD is $38.50 (includes shipping and handling within the US). Information about ordering Dawnland Traditions, or any item from the Trading Post, is provided below.

Collector's Edition CD
The Art of Iron Thunderhorse, 2010 Edition

''The Art of Iron Thunderhorse, 2010 Edition" is now on CD. This Collector's Edition CD provides digital photographs of Iron's artwork over the last few years. These pieces include unique portrayals of Native peoples of all ages in powwow regalia, conducting shamanic ceremonies, whimsical animal compositions, landscapes, and natural wildlife.

Because Iron Thunderhorse is legally blind and disabled, this work represents another facet of his art through the Art Beyond Sight Awareness Project which highlights art by, for, and about the blind.

The cost of the CD is $28.50 (includes shipping and handling within the US). Information about ordering the Art of Iron Thunderhorse CD, or any item from the Trading Post, is provided below.


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Arumshemocke --- Thank you!

All net proceeds (including any author royalties) from the sale of e-books, books, and CDs go directly to the general fund of ACQTC, Inc.

FREE “Quinnipiac Indians” design

The design shown here is the official emblem created by Iron and Little Owl Thunderhorse. The portrait (at center) is of Mantowese, who was Sachem of the Northern Quinnipiac bands, and was painted by Iron Thunderhorse. The 3D lettering was added by Little Owl. This design is © 2010 by ACQTC Inc.

However, ACQTC Inc. has decided to GRANT viewers of this website who support our work to educate the public about our history, culture and language and religion FREE downloads of this design so supporters can have T-shirts, sweatshirts, posters etc. made from them. This is under strict condition that they may be used for personal enjoyment only and none are to be sold commercially without the expressed written consent of ACQTC Inc.

Click on the small image at right to view the full size image.

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