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Self Portrait
Self Portrait

Iron Thunderhorse (Biwabiko Paddaquahas) is the Grand Sachem of the Thunder Clan of ACQTC. He is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Sakaskantawe Brown of Totoket (Branford, CT), the last matriarch; and she was related to the last Sachems of Mioonkhtuck (East Haven, CT) James Mah-wee-yeuh, who passed on at Cheshire, CT.


Iron Thunderhorse is the voice of the past for ACQTC and the guide for our future. He writes a bi-weekly column in the Branford Review which focuses exclusively on Quinnipiac history, language, and lore (and is soon to be syndicated), and a bi-monthly column in Ancient America.

He has over a dozen books in print, twice as many specialized booklets for QTC Press, and hundreds of magazine articles. He is currently co-authoring a booklet with Little Owl, Thunder Clan Headwoman, about Honoring the Elders. This booklet will contain Little Owl's poetry and Iron's orations and chants, in English and in the Wampano/Quinnipiac R-dialect.

Iron is a gifted artist, carver, crafter, linguist, historian, orator, lecturer, and grant-writer.

In August 2005, Iron Thunderhorse was nominated for the American Medal of Honor for his numerous contributions in the past quarter century to the preservation of Algonquian language, lore, and religion. For more information, read the article announcing the nomination.

Iron Thunderhorse's article entitled “The Thunderbird Alliance, Reclaiming the Legacy of Tribal Democracy” was chosen by the Humanity & Society journal as one of their most significant writings of their twenty-five year history. The article, first published in Humanity & Society in Novemeber 1989, is included in the twenty-fifth anniversary Humanity & Society compilation of most significant writings published in 2003. The article is reprinted on this website at The Thunderbird Alliance.

The primary cause of the ACQTC, and this website, is to foster the preservation, protection, and promotion of the Quinnipiac peoples and culture past, present, and future. We feel this cause is greater than the cause of any one person, even our own Grand Sachem, Iron Thunderhorse. In that light, we have avoided discussing on this website ongoing matters that might possibly distract you, our website guest, from that great cause.

However, since Ironís situation has become so desperately critical, you may have heard bits of information about it and have come here seeking some confirmation of the validity of those reports. We do not know exactly what you have heard, so we cannot make a blanket statement that what you heard was true. However, the full facts as we know them, as well as a call to action, are faithfully presented on saveironthunderhorse.com. We encourage everyone who reads this message to visit that website.

May 2007: Announcing the publication of the official, authorized biography of Iron Thunderhorse

QTC Press and ACQTC are proud to announce the publication of the official biography of Iron Thunderhorse, Grand Sachem of the Thunder Clan of ACQTC. This soft bound book, entitled Following the Footprints of a Stone Giant: The Life and Times of Iron Thunderhorse, is published by Infinity Press. The book is 189 pages profusely illustrated with reprints and excerpts from the art and writings of Iron Thunderhorse. Available as an 8½" x 11" trade paperback, this in-depth biography can be purchased for $20 (shipping and handling included) through the Trading Post, or you may buy the book directly from the publisher at Buy Books on the Web. Volume discounts are available through the publisher only. All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to ACQTC, Inc.

For more information, see the article: Following the Footprints of a Stone Giant

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