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Our Allies - The Lenni Lenapi (Delaware)

Graphic Courtesy of <em>The Wampum</em> (TUELN Newsletter)
Graphic Courtesy of The Wampum (TUELN Newsletter)

ACQTC’s strongest Allies are the Lenni Lenape Nation, known today as the Delaware. The TUELN (Traditionalist United Eastern Lenape Nation) and UELN (United Eastern Lenape Nation) --- both part of the Lenni Lenape Restoration Movement --- live, work, and celebrate with us as they have been doing for hundreds of years.

The Lenni Lenape and the Quinnipiac were part of a vast Confederacy known in the historical times as the Esopus / Siwanoag, which covered a region from the Quinnipiac Sachemdoms to the Catskill Mountains of New York and down the coast to the island known today as Manhattan.

The Lenape and Quinnipiac co-sponsor RHWS (Red Heart Warrior Society), which teaches the values of our culture to young people. The TUELN, UELN and RHWS can all be reached at:

TUELN / RHWS Home Office
PO Box 4362
Allentown, PA  18105

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