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ACQTC does not take official positions on matters not directly related to the preservation and advancement of the Quinnipiac people and culture. We encourage each individual to evaluate their participation in or support of any event or cause listed on this webpage in light of their own political, cultural, ethical, and religious perspective.

June 2011: Celebration of Friendship

This year, on 25 June 2011, the Old Stone Church Congregation and the Quinnipiac Tribal Council are joining hands in fellowship for a 300th year Celebration of Friendship. A full day of powwow and historically significant public ceremonies and lecture will be hosted by the Old Stone Church, UCC, East Haven, CT, which provided sanctuary for Quinnipiac refugees in 1711.

A special event will take place on Saturday morning (25 June) as the elders and leaders of the Quinnipiac and direct descendants of Captain Miles Standish and other church members perform the ancient "Wiping Away the Tears" sacred ceremony to signify the removal of all past grief and guilt between the two groups. This will be followed by a formal signing of "The Sacred Bond of the Covenant" ancient ceremony to recommit ourselves to a future of fellowship and healing of Mother Earth. Grand Entry begins at noon with the Dawnland and ACQTC flags in addition to the American, Connecticut, and Native American flags; veterans and boy scouts participating. Visit displays by two museums and native crafters. Free admission; free parking.

For more information and directions: 2011 Celebration of Friendship

Jul 2010: Thunderhorse Band Debut

For the past two years Joel "Lone Wolf" Rosendahl, ACQTC member of the Wolf Clan, has been working hard to develop his new band called "Thunderhorse". They have made their first demo recording, their debut song entitled "The Legend of Iron Thunderhorse."

After all the copyright business is taken care of, a copy of the demo will be mailed to the National Office. We hope to one day have a sound bite from it on our website.

Thunderhorse is scheduled to perform at a club in Guilford, CT, on Saturday, July 10, 2010, the first night of the Quinnipiac Summer Solstice Social.

Break a leg, Lone Wolf! We look forward to hearing the demo!

Jan 2010: Thunderbird Alliance Web-Site On-Line

One of the primary purposes of ACQTC Inc. is religion and religious freedom for all Native Americans, especially those denied the right to practice Native American shamanism.

During the 1980s Iron Thunderhorse founded The Thunderbird Alliance (as a division of ACQTC Inc.), a coalition of Medicine Societie, Native American Church Groups, Outside Support Networks and Native Religious Circles in the nation's prisons.

Recently ThunderbirdAlliance.com went on-line. This is a brand new website created and designed by Iron Thunderhorse and maintained by The Thunderbird Alliance Web Group. It is devoted to "Freedom Of Religion For Native American Prisoners". Much of the site is up and running but a few sections still have materials that will be added in the coming months.

If you are interested in supporting the rights of Native American prisoners to practice their religious freedom behind bars under the 1ST Amendment to the U.S. Constitution we encourage you to log on and visit this new site.

For your convenience, you can sign up at the site to be sent emails notifying you when new materials have been added.

ACQTC Student Intern Program

Each year ACQTC selects and accepts a number of College Student interns from regional colleges and universities in the Long Water Land Sachemdom. In this program, college students work directly with our elders and members, get advice and consultation when writing research papers, a thesis or dissertation relevant to our culture and history, and get involved in hands-on projects that earn extra credits.

So, if you are a college student attending school in our region and you are interested in this program, use our Contact ACQTC page to tell us about yourself, your college, your degree plan and your interests; or send a letter with that information to:

Student Intern Program
201 Church Street
Milltown, IN 47145

Nov 2009: Announcing the Iron Thunderhorse Collection

Over the years the works of Iron Thunderhorse have been scattered about in private and public collections all over the USA, Canada and abroad. In the past several years ACQTC has been organizing the Iron Thunderhorse Collection of books, manuscripts, scholarly research papers, newspaper columns, feature articles, prose and poetry, arts and crafts. This collection also includes important letters to and from Iron Thunderhorse, emails from students, teachers, professors, historians etc. This collection focuses on the Algonquian culture in general with its history, language, lore and traditions while specializing in the Quinnipiac Long Water Land Nation and Wappinger-Mattabesec Confederacy in particular.

ACQTC will be selecting six (6) regional Long-Water-Land archives (Historical Societies and Universities) from Western CT and Quinnipiac University and it has chosen one other National Archives so far to begin receiving digital copies of the collection between 2010 to 2012.

For more information, see: Iron Thunderhorse Collection


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