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NewsEvents / June 2006 Grand Opening of Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum

The Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum

At the Dudley Farm Complex
2351 Durham Road, North Guilford, CT 06437

OPEN 10am - 1pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays
and by Appointment
Please call (203) 481-6533 for more information

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We are proud to announce and sponsor the Grand Opening of the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum, located in the Dudley Farm Complex, 2351 Durham Road, North Guilford, CT 06437.

After several years of toil, a rustic style building has been constructed on the Dudley Farm Complex in North Guilford. This region was once part of the sub-sachemship of the Quinnipiac Menankatuck Band under Shaumpishuh, the Sunksquaw and sister to Momauguin, Quinnipiac Grand Sachem (c. 1638).

The Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum will permanently house a rare collection of artifacts, ceremonial items, maps, rare documents, writings, photos, and portraitures created by Iron Thunderhorse to preserve the legacy of the ancient inhabitants of greater New Haven. The curator and co-founder of the museum is Gordon Fox-Running Brainerd, whose collection of quartz projectile points and artifacts is a feature attraction of Oiocommock (Stony Creek).


The lifelong writings, arts and crafts, cartography, 100 column series published in the Branford Review, and portraits of Quinnipiac people of then and now are the main attractions. ACQTC, Inc., is in the process of acquiring a state-of-the-art computer system for the museum. It will be loaded with many special features, including an interactive CD of We The People Called Quinnipiac, a Quinnipiac R-dialect language primer, and an archive of ACQTC rare documents, literary works, etc., which will be converted to electronic form and made available exclusively on this system.

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Directions to the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum
Dudley Farm Complex
2351 Durham Road, North Guilford, CT 06437

At Exit 58 on I-95, turn left onto Route 77 and go north to the second stoplight. Proceed through the stoplight and take the first driveway on the right. Follow the driveway back to the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum. If you need more assistance finding it, please call either Gordon Fox-Running Brainerd at (203) 481-6533 or the Dudley Farm Complex (site of the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum) at (203) 457-0770.


Since the publication of the newspaper article, the hours of operation for the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum have changed. Currently, the museum is regularly open to the public from 10am to 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays; it is also open by appointment for groups or visitors who cannot make it during regular hours. To make an appointment, or to confirm the normal hours of operation, please call Fox-Running at (203) 481-6533.


The Dudley Farm is one of the oldest establishments in the Greater New Haven region. The Dudley Foundation and ACQTC Inc. have teamed up to create the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum. Part of the collections are in the old Dudley Farmhouse, while the main collection of Quinnipiac artifacts are within the renovated rustic barn. There was a special handicap access ramp built leading into the sliding barn doors where colonial objects are on the ground floor and Quinnipiac artifacts on the top floor of the barn.


The Grand Opening was attended by various representatives of ACQTC Inc. from Connecticut and New York state. Artifacts collected by Fox Running include mostly quartzite projectile points considered sacred by the Algonquians, a dug-out canoe, bow and arrows, tomahawks, tools etc. Maps, portraits and arts and crafts by Grand Sachem Iron Thunderhorse also grace the walls.

ACQTC Inc. is doing some grant writing to obtain funds for a donation of a state-of-the-art computer system that will have the complete archives of literary and linguistic works of Iron Thunderhorse, Quinnipiac Grand Sachem whose books and newspaper columns, etc. are invaluable tools for students, teachers, collectors, genealogists, cartographers and folklorists.

The collections will grow as we expand in the next few years. Items planned to be added in the next few months include the wedding dress worn by Ruth Mahweeyeuh Thunderhorse, rare carvings, books and other artifacts.

On this page are clippings from the local Guilford newspapers and our own photos of the grand opening celebration. On the next page are photos of some of the collections you can see at the Quinnipiac Dawnland Museum.

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