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Here is a complete list of articles available on this website. Typically, these are reprints of published articles by Iron Thunderhorse or other members of ACQTC, Inc.; though some were written exclusively for ACQTC.org.

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MAR 2007: Setting the Record Straight

Other than QTC Press Publications (produced by ACQTC, Inc.), there exist only two (2) publications and a dozen or so articles giving details about the Quinnipiac Tribal Nation. The two initial publications have several things in common. They were both published over a century ago, and both were based on information that has been refuted or rejected by contemporary scholars as well as traditionalist culture-bearers of the region.

In this latest article written by Iron Thunderhorse, the intent is to set the record straight about the history and nature of the peoples known by Europeans as Quinnipiac, and even about the goals and methods of ACQTC, Inc.

Read the full article: Setting the Record Straight
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MAR 2007: The Skull and Crossbones Society and The Repatriation Battles Over Human Remains

… My research of historical documentation of this era shows that Professor J.D. Dana of Yale took several students to the ancient burial grounds and “opened several graves” at Fort Wooster on Beacon Hill. Townshend’s book indicates that Dana “took therefrom two skeletons of persons, now to be seen (only the skulls remain [sic]) in the medical College…” This was in the year 1836 …

… The “Skull and Crossbones Society” was officially formed at Yale in the year 1832 but its roots go back a decade or so prior to that. This is the same period where graverobbing by Yale students at the Quinnipiac Burial Grounds at Beacon Hill in East Haven took place. Townshend admits that “in the year 1822 I examined three of these graves…” long before the students did so. Our research indicates it was Townshend and his rich cronies at Yale who concocted this secret society to gain wealth, fame and notoriety by desecrating the graves of our ancestors.

Several years ago documents and photos were leaked about this secret society which enraged the conscience of the American people and Indian First Nations across America and Canada. These documents detail Prescott Bush‘s “graverobbing exploits” with a photo showing a skull and bridle on a shelf next to a framed picture of Geronimo.

… On Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 Associated Press reporter Stephen Singer filed an exclusive feature with headlines that screamed “LETTER BACKS YALE TALE THAT CLUB STOLE GERONIMO’S SKULL”. The story says that a Yale researcher from Hartford named Marc Wortman dug up a letter written by a member of this elite club written in 1918 confirming the truth. This letter, written by Winter Mead states, “The skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible, exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club … is now safe inside the (tomb) together with his well worn femurs, bit & saddle horn.”

Read the full article: Skull-and-Crossbones Society and Human Remains

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